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Freeze Point is your single source for all items related to ice rink design and construction. We have the necessary expertise to guide your team from concept to completion. Freeze Point Rink Services provides a cutting edge approach to building ice skating rink and the maintenance of the ice around the world.

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We've Got it All

We design, manufacture, supply and supervise the installation of ice skating rinks. Along with our combine expertise and knowledge, in the ice rink business, we have combined these assets to offer you the most advanced and innovative services available. We provide rink Refrigeration Pipe Grids, Ice Rink Chillers, Circulation Pump Stations, Festival Rink Boards, Hockey Boards, Ice Resurfacers, Dehumidification, Ice Maintenance Equipment, Ice Building and Ice Maintenance Products, Skates and other ice sports industries accessories. Innovation, Technology and Honesty separates Freeze Point Rink Services from its competition. Our innovation and superior technology puts us " and shoulders" above our competition.

Our Goal

Our overriding goal is see the design, planning, construction and operation of proper designed, energy efficient and operationally sustainable ice rinks.

Our Reputation

From its predecessor, Ice Rink Supply Worldwide Inc., Freeze Point Rink Services has been providing quality ice skating rinks worldwide. With our diverse range of professional services in the ice rink industry, our dedication to our clients and a passion for new technology, we have built up a strong market reputation as a forward-thinking and highly reliable company. We are one of the worldwide ice rink companies. We provide extensive collection of services and ice rink equipment to a broad range of high-profile companies worldwide.

Why Choose Us?


Customized Service

We work closely with our clients and adapt our services to suit their unique ice skating rink requirements.



Appointments can be made quickly and easily over email or via our website, and we deliver ice rink services and equipment on–time.



We are open 24/7 and our friendly team will be happy to talk to you over the phone about any of your requirements or questions.



Our extensive training programs mean that all our staff members are fully qualified to install your ice rink project, professionally.


Green Technology

We use ice rink products and equipment that have been approved by the authorities as safe for the environment.



The Best Bargain is quality. We go above and beyond to provide a comprehensive range of ice rink services that will make the implementation of your ice rink project more convenient.



Our Engineering Team have been involved in various projects worldwide. We understand the culture and work ethics where we initiate our projects. We are flexible to work with different nationalities.