Ice Rink Accessories
Ice Blanket for Ice Rinks

Ice Blanket

  • Ice Blanket is a unique "ice insulation" faced with a reflective aluminum layer on one side. Ice Blanket rolls out over your ice sheet to protect the ice from absorbing heat during non-use hours. Ice Blanket is a great energy saver for indoor rinks and a must for outdoor rinks. It is used "under" the rink pipes on "portable ice rinks" to save energy by providing a "thermal break" barrier. Do not be fooled by imitators who use silver colored "mylar" plastic instead of a layer of real aluminum! Mylar does NOT prevent the heat from entering the ice surface. Nor, is Ice Blanket to be confused with "bubble paper" material sold at the hardware store. This Ice Blanket is exclusively manufactured for Ice Rinks. Compare for yourself, you can see through a sheet of silver mylar!