Ice Maintenance
Ice Rink hand Resurfacer

Hand Resurfacer

  • Just connect the inlet hose of the hose reel to your water line and you can put a new layer of ice on your ice rink.
  • Ideal for backyard ice rinks.
  • Fabricated from heavy duty stainless.
  • It comes with internationally patented mini resurfacer towel.
  • Towel is easy to install and remove, held on with velcro.
  • With sandblasted Stainless Steel frame Hose Reel constructed large enough for 5/8" inside diameter hose of up to 120 ft. length. It has permanently lubricated pillow block bearings to assure smooth rotation. Hand crank.
  • Arenas need to have a Hand Resurfacers on hand, in case the Resurfacer breaks down.